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Welcome to my politics page

We should all do politics as it is the means by which we can influence how our local community, region and country are run.  If we don’t then corruption will run riot as there are a few who will seize apathy as a license to ride roughshod over us.  Politicians are more and more becoming actors for script writers behind the scenes – the rich and powerful who’s main goal is to become even richer and more powerful, the world is not enough for some.

Although the UK is really an oligarchy we do have freedoms that not all citizens of the world enjoy but we need to work at our limited democracy to protect and expand it.  So please check out what I have to say, join in and maybe I’ll see you on the hustings although I might only stand again as a political candidate if we can change to a Proportional Representation voting system.

As well as having my opinions I have also been known to get my hands dirty in on the fringes of actual politics and so far, I’ve stood three times as Parliamentary Candidate for The Green Party, once in Gillingham & Rainham and twice in my home seat of Rochester and Strood.  I was the candidate in the high profile by-election in 2014 when Mark Reckless defected to UKIP, involving TV and radio interviews and many, many street stalls.

I would like to stand again at some point but I really think that as long as the UK persists in using the ridiculous first-past-the-post electoral system that it’s a waste of time.  I’m putting my effort into supporting Make Votes Matter in their pursuit of Proportional Representation.  I’d really like to live long enough to vote, just once, where my vote actually counts and millions of others would like to do the same.

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