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Blue Team, Red Team – Noooo

By Clive Gregory

Why do we put up with it? An election comes up and we only realistically have a choice of winner – yep you’ve guessed it Red or Blue, although I’d argue that with the re-conservativisation of the Labour Party, the choice is blurred. It’s not just elections and are 2 horse, first past the post idiocy where this happens, the TV and radio news programs just can’t seem to cope with discussing anything beyond Red Team or Blue Team – why, surely they’re all highly educated with some sort of ability to back their often extremely high wages.

It starts with the faux democracy we live in. If you are in the elite ruling block of society then you need a population that is split roughly 50/50 along pretty much tribal lines. This is still pretty much a class issue in much of the western ‘democracies’, with the working classes and intellectuals wearing the red banner and the bosses and managerial class wearing the blue banner. Make the majority on either side feel peer pressured to remain loyal for life and beyond, as many inherit their ancestors tribal colours and you have a ready made, everlasting policy of divide and conquer.

It continues with the way many of us are educated by a system that promotes the form of debate where there are 2 clearly opposing positions, anyone promoting a 3rd way or a powerful sub-argument is persuaded (well forced) into moderating that argument into one of the two chosen positions, even if that means abandoning much that you believe in along the way. In fact, beliefs are relegated to irrelevance in debating circles, all that matters is winning the debate. In fact debating a position that is totally opposite to the position you actually hold is encouraged, no doubt so that you learn to win rather than develop passion for what you actually believe in.

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