Vote For What You Believe – Vote Green!

The Prime Minister no less trying to tell us all how to vote in Rochester and Strood by ‘telling’ Labour and Lib Dems to vote Tory to keep out UKIP.

The very thought of voting Tory to keep UKIP out is like deciding whether it’s best to gouge out your own eyes with a hot knife or use your own fingernails to rip them out.  Either way it’s gonna hurt and be very messy!

There is no rational tactical vote here.  I’m not a believer in tactical voting anyway but in this by-election I think it would be the worst possible way to vote.

Another option, for many, is to simply not vote at all.  The non-voters seem to be made up of two opinions; 1 The politicians never do what they promise anyway – so why bother and 2) My vote won’t make a blind bit of difference as the Tories or Labour have such a massive majority in my constituency.

My answer to those thinking of either voting tactically or not voting at all is that the game is changing.  Sure, it’s changing slowly but actually slow change is quite a good think – if frustrating.  With the emergence of The Green Party and (painful as it is to admit) UKIP, we now have full on multi-party politics in the UK.  With five parties now vying for attention Proportional Representation must be now firmly back on the table as a top priority in UK politics.  This would at least bring those non-voters who’ve lived all their lives in a solid Tory or Labour seat back into the frame as their votes would count.  The five party system also brings to the media an absolute requirement to take each party’s percentage of the vote almost as seriously as if PR was our electoral system and also to look at membership and membership trend, for example The Green Party membership up 82% in 2014.

No longer can the media ignore a party that is capturing 5%, 10% or 20% of the vote and neither can it ignore that the Government is voted into power by less than 45% of the population.  The way Thatcher and Blair behaved you’d think they had 90% of the people behind them not less than 44% of the vote.

So firstly, you should always – I believe, vote for what you believe, vote with your heart and mind together.

A strong vote for The Green Party will send more shivers through government than UKIP taking the seat in what is in reality, biased circumstance, i.e. the sitting MP defecting from Tory to UKIP.  A strong vote for The Green Party sends a strong message that we, as a nation, want our NHS back.  We don’t want TTIP and the specter of huge US/international corporations taking over our government.  We don’t want banks destroying the planet with their greed and we want to reverse the culture of ‘more more more’ until there’s nothing left for future generations.

Simply put – we the people CAN take back the world from the greedy and voting Green is currently the only way to make these views resonate deep within governments not just in the UK but around the world.

Thank you – I feel better for that!

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