Rochester & Strood By-Election 2014 – Green Party Itinerary

We’ve now got an itinerary… well sort of. As close as we’ll get. I’ll post individual reminders as and when but for those that would like a comprehensive list – here’s the schedule of events:

01/11/1411:00am  Stall and Leafleting Strood Market and then on to…

01/11/1412:30 ish Hoo

03/11/14Clive filming for Mark Norman BBC SE – not sure where this is and not public so is for your amusement only.

04/11/14Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett day

12:00 at Lodge Hill as we OPPOSE the crazy proposed destruction of a SSSI not to mention the ridiculously out of proportion development that’s planned.  Expect TV and radio press

15:00 approx in Rochester

17:00 approx outside Rochester Rail station to highlight need to bring Railways back under public ownership.

06/11/1418:30  Church Hustings  – Corn Exchange in Rochester

08/11/1411.00  Rochester Stall with Green Party MEP Keith Taylor

08/11/1419:00  BBC SE TV hustings – Corn Exchange (To apply for tickets the

direct dial number is 01299 829299)

09/11/1412:00 Deputy Leader of Green Party Day

Stall and public meeting with Shahrar Ali and Amelia Womack

10/11/14TTBCMedway Messenger Hustings (Details to be announced)

17/11/1409:00-10:00 BBC Radio Kent hustings live (not public other than perhaps by phone in so far as we know)

18/11/1419:00 38º hustings  Location TBC

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