NHAParty – Politician Rating on NHS – My Response

1.      Would you vote to repeal fully the Health and Social Care Act ?

Yes: The Green Party has repeatedly voiced our opposition to the 2012 act and our policy is to fully repeal it.

2.      Do you support   (a) the reversal of the privatization of the NHS ?

Yes: We believe that healthcare should be a public service, not a privatised cash cow for corporate shareholders

(b) an end to contracting out services to private companies ?

Yes: Fragmented, distant services are expensive and cause poor quality care

(c) the return of services into public hands ?


3.      Do you agree the NHS market should be scrapped ?

Yes: Healthcare is not a commodity to be bought and sold. The market costs billions which should be spent on front line services.

4.      Do you agree NHS funding should be increased by a minimum of 4% per annum and brought into line with other G7 countries ?

We are calling for spending to be increased by around £20bn over the next 5 years but with upfront investment to stabilise the NHS more quickly. £20bn is in line with the NHAP’s 4% per annum over the next 5 years.

5.      Will you call for a halt to cuts and closures of hospitals , A+E departments, maternity and other local services until suitable and accessible alternatives are in place ?

Decisions must be evidence-based and democratically supported by local clinicians and local people Yes: local democracy is central to Green policy

6.      Will you oppose further PFI deals and agree to renegotiate existing PFIs on the basis of good value for the taxpayer ?

Yes: but we would go further and seek ways to end existing PFI deals.

7.      Do you oppose any new charges for patients such as for GP visits and hospital stays ?

Yes: We want to go further and make dentistry and prescriptions free at the point of need.

8.      Will you call for an exemption of the NHS from TTIP ?

Yes: we already have, but we want to go further and see TTIP scrapped altogether.

9.      Do you support NHS strikers calling for the recommended 1% pay rise for NHS staff ?

Yes: Our politicians in Kent have been on the picket lines with workers

10.  Do you agree that prescription charges should be scrapped ?


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