Clive’s election trail week 1

Follow Clive as he battles against the odds of a biased media, corporate money supporting the main protagonists and strong winds in Rochester High St.

Week 1 has seen me leafleting and talking to the good people of Rochester & Strood about the evils of the secret deal TTIP, about how it could kill the NHS, further undermine democracy, see total de-regulation of finance, the food industry, the agricultural industry.

Interviews with BBC radio 4 and News 24, a brief piece on Sunday Politics and now I’m just back from a very windy Rochester High Street where I was talking to the people of Rochester and Strood about what matters to them, and ultimately about whether they would vote Green in the up-coming by-election.  I’m delighted to tell you good people that without exception they all said they’d either vote Green or would seriously consider voting Green in future as a result.  All recorded by Alex from BBC Radio Kent and looking forward to the broadcast later today at 5:50 ish and the full reports on tomorrows Breakfast show at Wednesday 22nd Oct,  06:24,  07:31 and 08:34.

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