Clive’s election trail – the final week

Well this has been an interesting journey.  Now into the final week after the buzz from the 3 main hustings is beginning to sink in.

First we had the Church hustings, which was noticable by the absense of the UKIP candidate Mark Reckless.  He mistakenly thought there would be no TV coverage and was therefore not worth turning up – shame SKY TV were there in force – enjoyed meeting Faisal Islam once again.  Next up was the recording for the big one, BBC SE “The Battle for Rochester & Strood”, with the no expense spared set in Rochester’s Corn Exchange.  I’d like to think I did OK on this one – certainly enjoyed it, especially reminding Reckless that it was the banks/financial system NOT immigrants that lie at the root of our economic woes.  He actually tried to directly blame immigrants for zero hours contracts and low pay – with comments like that no wonder we don’t want any more UKIP MPs.  Mind you we don’t want Tories either – not exactly a choice.  Finally, the Medway Messenger hustings – well at least everyone turned up and some lively questions from the audience.Final week included facing up to Britain First, who have decided to abandon any attempt at expressing their ideas with any decency or regard to the democratic process.  Their only idea it seems in complaining about planning permission for a Mosque in Gillingham was to intend to ‘plant a pig’ on the site.  When politics becomes gutter insults it’s time to take a stand – this is not free speech, it’s hate.  Anyway very proud to stand with hundreds of Rochester and Strood residents in persuading them to go home – peacefully!

We’ve seen the most important poll in the country established as Sweet Expectations (Britains first and probably only vegetarian) sweet shop polled it’s customers and represented the standing of all the major parties by the number of sweets in a jar prominantly displayed in the window.  Currently this shows UKIP beating the Tories by a slim majority and the Green Party very close to Labour with the Lib Dems – well, kind of out of it.  Seriously, the final result will be fascinating – we certainly think we’ve done enough to show that The Green Party must be included in all the national leadership debates in 2015 and, although it pains me to say it, UKIP have also emerged to the level that there is absolutely five party politics now in the UK.  This is highly significant as it MUST put Proportional Representation back to the top of the political agenda.

Just off to live Radio Kent hustings and with luck can make this and other points but the final week is just going to be dirty and gritty – hitting the streets, knocking on doors and talking to as many people as possible – here’s hoping for the best result ever for the Greens in Rochester & Strood.  Thanks to all.

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