Clive Gregory to stand for the Green Party in Rochester and Strood by-election 2014

The only news story worth looking at this morning.  The announcement that Clive Gregory will be standing for the Green Party in the Rochester & Strood by-election 2014.  The exact date is still to be announced although I might have slightly accidentally mentioned  I thought it likely it would be November 6th but for now this is a vicious rumour (although I’ve got 50p on it).

The reckless and irresponsible publicity stunt by Mark Reckless, a man who’s name is the only thing about him that makes sense, to defect from the Tories to ukip, has forced a by-election.

Not remotely taken by surprise, the local Green Party, Medway Greens and Kent Greens, have leapt into action and rallied to the call to leaflet and launch our zero budget campaign.  Unlike the Tories, whose slimy ‘newspaper’ slithered through my letterbox in the dead of night, yesterday admitting they don’t have anyone to stand so will ask the locals to select someone.  I thought it was all decided on a combination of bank balance and weight but I must be mistaken.  Labour have a seemingly very pleasant candidate, who clearly hasn’t yet met the Labour leadership and shadow (as in very long, dark ones) cabinet.  The Labour party were the first to call the need for a by-election, no doubt convinced they can split the conservative vote and pull off a swing to Labour.  Both major parties and the idiotic ukip party have more money than sense and can dip into huge reserves of cash to make sure they get maximum exposure.

Clearly not one of these parties and especially Reckless have even for one moment considered that we all end up funding this nonsense, 6 months before a General Election has to be called.  Let’s hope all three of them use some of their cash to reimburse the local taxpayer.

That said, if there must be a by-election then let’s be positive.  For the voter this is a perfect opportunity to express dissatisfaction with their usual choice.  There must surely be many Tory voters who are not happy with the sell-off of large chunks of the NHS and they must realise that if things continue there will be no NHS.  I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of even Tory voters use and need the NHS.

Labour can express dissatisfaction with many aspects of their leadership, not least the refusal of Miliband to promise reversal of the Tory sell-offs.  I’d like them to show what they think of his refusal to condemn Israel’s recent slaughter of 2100 people including 500 small children.  Is the man such a complete sycophant of the Israeli administration that he can’t even make political capital out of our Prime Ministers refusal to condemn this mass murder.  It underlines that he and his sad cabinet are totally bought and paid for by banking and corporate interests, and therefore deference to the US/Israeli corporation is demanded.

This last point can be applied equally to Tory, Labour, UKIP, Lib Dem.  It is the political issue of the day.  Ownership of politics and politicians by big money, big banks, big corporations, big pharma, big agri – you name it, if they control billions even trillions they control the political puppets.

At the very least voting Green in a few weeks can be used to send a message to politicians that people are waking up and realising that we DON’T have true democracy.  We DON’T have politicians we can trust.  We DON’T have any say in what really happens politically.  Voting Green now and in the months ahead is a vote for political change and a vote that recognises that we cannot continue on an earth suicide mission that ruthlessly expoits every resource on the planet, especially the human resource, extracting massive profits from all of our hard work (did I say slavery) and sucking these profits into the hands of as few as a thousand or so individuals at the top of the financial pyramid – who’s only skill is to trick, manipulate and decieve the world into constant ‘growth’ the only function of which is to create enough cash to prop up the ponzi scheme of a financial system.

Another financial crash is just around the corner and we’ve not recovered from the last one yet.  How did we let the bankers get away scot free.  We had them by the short and curlies and let them go.  Well actually we the people never had them by the proverbials, Gordon Brown had them – let them off with a threat that he’d be really cross if they did it again and away they went sniggering like little school boys who’d just got away with a great prank only to begin all over again.

So, a vote for GREEN will send a powerful message, whether you find yourself naturally supporting the Green Party with its variety of great policies and causes or just want to register a protest of ‘not satisfied’ against your usual preference.

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