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My take on geo-politics, national politics and local issues… what’s really going on? and what can we do about it.

Essentially I’m opposed to elitism and any and all ideologies and institutions that think a greedy few have the right to dictate to and control the majority, for their power, enrichment and benefit.  The two issues that lie behind almost all geo-political issues are the control of energy and the financialisation of the world.

We have allowed, or rather those we’ve elected into positions of power have allowed – either through ignorance or corruption (or more likely a combination of the two) bankers and financiers to dominate politics and commerce and by so doing have subverted democracy itself.  To such an extent that there is no true democracy, as behind the facade lie the real power brokers – the real decision makers and influencers, the bankers.  Ultimately, the control of energy resources is the prize.  Currently oil still dominates energy and western (especially US) interests to such an extent that wars costing trillions are no problem for the US as it seeks to control, with the help primarily of Britain and France, the middle east, latin america and other territories that it can.

How have they allowed this power to be given away?  First, successive governments have allowed banks to, in effect, create money out of thin air and then lend that ‘money’ back to us – the nation state that is – at interest.  Today, 97% of money that is created is done when a bank makes a loan.

To tackle our considerable environmental challenges we need to tackle the world of finance first.  The current status requires the world to produce an unnecessary amount of goods and demand for goods so that more loans are needed to cope with this demand which prevents the financial world, that has an asset base that is a tiny fraction of funds, from collapse.

Very little is done for the benefit of people and very few decisions are made for the benefit of people, so oil, gold and diamonds are more important than human life, which is constantly extinguished through war, conflict, disease and famine so that the super rich and greedy can keep their grip on power and wealth.  Corporations have become bigger and more powerful and the lack of competition is enabling the very largest to make decisions that we elect governments to make.

While I’m persuaded that humans have polluted the planet, almost certainly contributing to global warming threats, the environmental and green movements need to counter the threat from hidden globalist bankers who seek to manipulate good intent – pretending to embrace environmental issues whilst behind the scenes manipulating markets for their own enrichment.  In recent times Gore, Soros and others have made millions, if not billions, from such manipulation.  We need to be aware that even though currently oil is still the big money spinner, renewable energy is in the sights of the financiers – not for the benefit of mankind but solely for their enrichment and control.

My aims politically and with this blog are to try and make sense of these issues and to try and contribute to identifying the lies and manipulation that is allowing a very few individuals to control the planets’ resources for their own power and enrichment.  Individual blogs have become essential reading now that mainstream media is so totally controlled by either government or their corporate owners, who in turn control who’s in government in many cases.  Revolving door politics is now commonplace – in fact it’s clear many go into politics solely with the aim of securing a highly paid position in business later.

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