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Let’s get rid of ideology.

By Clive Gregory

There surely can’t be a more destructive human obsession than ideology. The idea that we must embrace an entire ideology and by default therefore reject all other ideologies, is ludicrous. Yet, almost every religion, every political party seems to insist on just this.

Surely it’s possible for all to see that there is good and bad in every idea and every ideology. Yet we seem unable or unwilling to seek out what’s good from other ideologies and to reject the bad in ‘our’ chosen ideology. For example, capitalists will denounce anything Marxist, and Marxists will denounce everything to do with capitalism, in both cases without even listening to the point being expressed by their nemesis.

Of course, one of the attractions of ideologies to those in power, is that by encouraging everyone to adopt one ideology or another and stick to it like glue, is a perfect way to divide and rule. Perfect for pretending that a nation is democratic as everyone is ‘allowed’ an ideology that they can argue and fight over, whilst in fact that nation is an oligarchy run by a few for the benefit of a few. The entire western democratic system could be seen this way. Totalitarian societies of course insist that everyone must follow the official ideology – with robust rejection of all other ideas.

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